Having lived in three continents and in four countries, I belong to a world where change is the only constant. My work has been as inspired and altered by the challenges of new opportunities as by the limitations brought by new circumstances. Incubation, growth and movement find repeated expression in my works.

Seeds, pods, anthills all echo my migratory existence. More recently, references of the road best expressed by the flashing black and white checkered markings on tamarind trees in Tamil Nadu (India) find their way into my work. The graphic notations of a “road language” and the simple geometrics merged with organic forms read as mysterious primordial expressions and symbolize a universal language to me. While evoking a votive world, the forms metaphorically narrate my personal story of growth and passage.

Allowing the subconscious to filter through my mind, I strive to make forms and use surfaces that could become a meeting ground for the primal with the contemporary, the geometric with the organic and the ephemeral with the everlasting.