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Forest of Shadows

The Forest of Shadows was first installed at the Indian Ceramics Triennale: Breaking Ground in Jaipur, India (2018) and later at the show From Lost Roots To Urban Meadows at The Private Museum in Singapore (2019).


In this work, Madhvi reflects on the fluid interconnectedness of nature and urban culture. She brings conceptual and sensory experiences together in her installations, which are usually participatory and/or immersive in nature. Working in multiples and using repetition, Madhvi fosters a contemplative process in her practice. Her Window series is an abstract distillation of city structures and floor plans exploring the window as a key architectural component that facilitates sight and perspective. Juxtaposed against the Windows and reminiscent of Jaipur block printing, is a ‘forest of shadows’, created through form, material and the play of light and shadow. The shape-shifting shadows and the displacement of object by its shadow and vice versa, speaks to the temporality and transience of life and nature.




Photo Credit: Indian Ceramics Triennale

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