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Pandemic Pills


Rolling Pins

Pandemic Pills is a participatory installation. The larger than life-size clay pills become time capsules that hold the emotions etched onto them forever. The audience is invited to roll each pill in the pillbox on a fine bed of sand. Each turn of the pill invites viewers to slow down and reflect on a variety of the emotions from uncertainty and disbelief to happiness and hope that they may have experienced in the pandemic year. This work was shown in the exhibition- Singapore Ceramics Now 2021 that took place in Singapore.


Rolling Pins was shown at Madhvi's solo show Mapping Memory at Gallery Chemould Prescott Road (2017). The audience is invited to roll the porcelain rolling pin on a bed of fine construction sand. With each turn of the rolling pin, encased memories in the fired clay are released to be revealed only under the light of a flashlight.

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