Madhvi Subrahmanian, artist, curator and writer, lives and works in Singapore, frequently showing in her city of birth - Mumbai.  Madhvi’s practice has been informed, defined and transformed by her migratory life and the opportunities and challenges of her constant relocations. While most of her forms, like seed pods or anthills, echo her migratory existence, her recent works such as Forest of Shadows or Connect/Disconnect, explore the fluidity and interconnectedness of nature and urban culture. Her installations are often made up of multiples and tend to be immersive and experiential in nature. Madhvi investigates different perspectives in her works evoking both collective and personal memories.


Madhvi has exhibited widely in solo and group shows in museums both locally and internationally. She has participated in several biennales and trienniales such as the Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2019, Korea, Indian Ceramic Triennale, 2018, Jaipur, India , The First Central China Ceramic Biennale, 2016,Henan Museum, China and 3rd Contemporary Jakarta Biennale, 2014, Jakarta, Indonesia.  


Madhvi's recent solo exhibitions include , walk and chew gum... (2020)Thomas Hunter Project Space, Hunter College, NYC, From Lost Roots to Urban Meadows (two person show),The Private Museum, Singapore (2019);  Mapping Memory, Chemould Prescott Road Gallery, Mumbai, India  (2017); and Ode to the Unknown, installation commissioned and acquired by Singapore Museum, Indian Heritage Centre, Singapore (2017). Her sculptures and installations can be seen in several private and public collections such as the Mumbai Domestic Airport, India, Shigaraki Ceramic Sculptural Park, Japan, and FuLe museum, Fuping, China.  


Madhvi has been awarded several grants such as the Charles Wallace and the India Foundation of the Arts. Madhvi is an elected member of the International Academy of Ceramics, a UNESCO affiliated organization in Geneva; ArtAxis, an international professional organisation based in the U.S.; and Singapore Sculpture Society.  Madhvi has been an artist in residence in Japan, China, Korea, India, Thailand and the U.S. She has also curated residencies, symposiums, exhibitions and is one of the founding members and curators of the Indian Ceramics Triennale. She is an active contributor to the Indian and Singaporean contemporary ceramic scene.


Madhvi’s works have been published in international magazines such as Ceramic Art and Perception, Ceramic Review and books such as Contemporary Ceramics by Emmanuel Cooper as well as on the cover of Art India, the premier art journal in India.  Madhvi shows with Gallery Chemould Prescott Road in Mumbai.