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The spiral is symbolic of growth and momentum, as seen in the unfolding of ferns and rising of waves and on a snail’s shell it represents protection and containment. 


The spiral pattern has manifested itself in the art, architecture and philosophy of several ancient cultures and countries, ranging from stone-age societies in Europe and pre-dynastic Egypt to countries like China and Peru. The power of the spiral for me is best illustrated in the rotating, impenetrable formation called Arjuna’s Chakravyuha in the grand Indian epic -Mahabharat. In the myth, the continuous spiral is at once a rotating, growing and moving form that protects what lies within.


The installation- Spiral is made up of approximately 1000 individually made black and white cones; each white cone has a spiral painted on it. The handmade cones are similar to what mathematicians call a Concho-spiral or a Conical Spiral- i.e. a spiral on a spiral base. The cones are tightly placed together to form a dynamic large spiral that is compact at its center and spreads out and loosens up as it progresses.

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