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Spiral, 2024, Stoneware, India Art fair, 5ft x 4ft

Spiral, 2021, Stoneware, Singapore Ceramics Now, Gillman Barracks, 8ft x 6ft


Germination 2018, 2024

The installation is made up of approximately 1008 individually handmade black and white cones of varied sizes. Each white cone has a spiral painted on it. The handmade cones are similar to what mathematicians call a Concho-spiral or a Conical Spiral- i.e. a spiral on a spiral base. The cones are tightly placed together to form a dynamic large spiral that is compact at its center and spreads out and loosens up as it progresses.

Singapore Ceramics Now, 2021, Gillman Barracks

Repetition is the ritual of obsession. Repetition is a way to jumpstart the indecision of beginning. To persevere and to begin over and over again is to continue the obsession with work. Work comes out of work. In order to work you must already be working.

Richard Serra

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